Our Mission


Joya: AiR

Joya: AiR is a not for profit arts residency in Spain developed by artists for artists of every conceivable discipline. 

Consider Joya: AiR not only a unique, stimulating and contemplative environment for international artists and writers, but as a meeting point for divergent and creative thinking. This is a multi-disciplinary residency, self determined, critical and profoundly engaging.

'I will leave Joya and return to my city with an awareness of how I live, what I really need both in the studio and otherwise, and with great insight as to what is most important’. 

Heather Ramsdale. USA

Founded in 2010 Joya: AiR has hosted in excess of 500 artists in residence. Artists come to stretch the rigour of their inquiry, to make discoveries, to achieve clarity, to amplify their practice.

'Stuff happens here! You leave intellectually challenged/fulfilled and Joya: has gotten under your skin'.

Mike Staniford. Australia

The Joya: residency is based at Los Gázquez, five beautifully restored farm houses made into one off-grid sustainably minded destination within a place of outstanding natural beauty, the Parque Natural Sierra María - Los Vélez, Andalucía, Spain.

Joya: AiR is a cultural and sustainable destination in the heart of rural Spain. It facilitates an international network of artists and writers whilst simultaneously breathing life into an arid zone struggling against the combined forces of climate change, global markets and land degradation.


Joya: arte + ecología 

Joya: arte + ecología is ‘an arts led field research centre’. The research is manifested through an arts residency (Joya: AiR), through collaborations with artists on projects generated, through transdisciplinary programmes with ecologists and environmental activists. Joya: arte + ecología also curates international artists within Spain.

Cultural practice at Joya: Los Gázquez is inseparable from cultural activities expressed through land and land use on this working farm. Joya: and Los Gázquez are in a continuous state of development evolving sustainable ways to convert dry land to sustainable and productive land via research, inquiry and development.

Joya: arte + ecología is the embodiment of a truly contemporary arts organisation working independently to engage with contemporary thought in relation to climate change and sustainability via education, research and activism.