Will there be a final gallery show at the end of the residency?

While there is not a final show, most residents elect to do a brief artist presentation for the group on the work they have done before and/or during their stay at Joya. This is not obligatory but it is a great opportunity to discuss your practice.

We do offer publicity in the form of entry to our on-line archive and additional publicity via social media. 

How do I get to Joya: AiR? 

Follow this link to our getting here page https://www.joya-air.org/gettinghere/

How much do I pay for a residency at Joya: AiR?

Follow this link to our application page to find all the necessary information https://www.joya-air.org/apply/

Why do I pay for a Joya: AiR residency?

Joya: arte + ecología / AiR is self funded and not in receipt of external financial support. The Joya: AiR fee is to cover the cost of your accommodation and all of your meals during your residency. This is approximately €43 per night which we feel is exceptionally good value.

I have special dietary requirements; can you cater for me?

Yes of course. We have had many artists in residence in the past who are vegetarian or vegan, who have allergies or restricted diets.

Do I have my own accommodation?

Yes, each individual artist has their own accommodation with attached bathroom

If I'm sharing a room with my partner or colleague can we split the fee?

The residency fee is per person whether you choose to share your room or otherwise.

Is their walking in the area?

Yes, we have an extensive network of walks being in the heart of a natural park.

I require funding from my own country, can I have a letter of invitation to support my funding application?

Yes, please be sure to add your home address to this request and any specific notes that are pertinent to your funding application.

Can I bring family or friends with me?

Yes, as long as we have enough space available. The fee is the same as the resident artist fee.