Joya: AiR / Tom Milnes / UK


"I normally introduce my practice as a lens for seeing from a technological perspective. The waves and cycles of trends, obsolescence and failures. So, it may seem peculiar that I want to be a resident at JOYA: AiR an off-grid, rural retreat. The JOYA: residency has come at a time in my research where I’m questioning the natural earthy materiality of media technology. The ore origins. The sites of excavation, of transmission and of processing vast amounts of data. Technology is not divorced from the material of the earth even though it may be extracted from it. Yet these natural ephemera are difficult for 3D capturing technologies to deal with. My practice and Ph.D. research marks a critical examination of reality capture (3D photogrammetry), asking how 3D content created from 2D images represents something other than 3D reality and can be problematic when dealing with non-visual phenomena and natural ephemera. Therefore, I have been ‘capturing’ parts of the landscape, weather and sites of excavation through photographs and drone footage. These ‘difficult’ subjects/objects create error, glitch and holes in the 3D mesh. JOYA has been a great site for exploration where you feel exposed to the power of nature; a power that still has control over its connection with technology.

Tom Milnes




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