Joya: support


Joya: arte + ecología / AiR is a not for profit arts organisation registered within Spain (Asociación de Arte y Ecología - Joya / fiscal number availale upon request). 

It is our intention to be able to support artists and writers at Joya: AiR with the assistance of bursaries and awards. This support will contribute to the following:

Bursaries contributing to...

travel expenses

living expenses



Typical expenditure for an artist within Europe is in the region of 500 euros for a seven day residency depending upon their project.


Finance to selected artists and writers as a consequence of being successful selected as appropriate artists and writers relevant to a specific award title such as the previously successful awards offered by Joya: AiR. ( LUZ - light reactions and AGUAZERO - the contrary nature of climate change)

A typical award amount is in the region of 1000 euros, however we would like to be able to offer more for longer more involved projects. 


Your donations are incredibly important to the objectives of Joya: AiR 


We are asking for donations via PayPal to the Asociación Arte y Ecología - Joya account.


Please use our CONTACT form to find out how you can contribute.


In return we offer the following...


acknowledgment of your donation with a receipt

notification as the successful recipient of a bursary or award

a follow up to the residency of the particular artist or writer you have supported

and finally a Joya: AiR t-shirt as a gift of gratitude for your support*

We ask for a minimum donation of 50 euros as a way forward to significantly begin to nurture creative cultural in rural Spain. 

To make a donation please follow this link...


*you can purchase a Joya t-shirt and support artists this way too. Please email us your size and donate 35 euros to Joya.