Gill Ord / UK


Gill Ord / UK


My practice is rooted in the process of painting, this is a practice that finds its language from landscape architecture and from the experiential. Factors that inform the making are specific to place and memory. 


Recent work is connected to the time I spent at the British School at Rome, as an Abbey fellow, autumn 2014. There I worked underground on paintings as a way of looking and of re thinking, remembering not only the visual but also the harder to locate and catalogue, smells, humidity, history. 


In 2008 before my Rome residency, I spent 3 months in New Zealand, I made a body of work from the studies, drawings and photographs. Works which expressed some of the reactions and feelings of being/hanging off the other side of the world.


This process of gathering information via studies that build into layers of source material, that then allows the resulting paintings to be at points tethered and yet able to find their own site. 


Whilst my studio practice is solitary, I am an artist who loves to connect. I co- founded Braziers International artist’s Workshop in 1995, which became Supernormal Festival in 2010. I have worked with UK based and International artists, to bring about symposiums, workshops, and residencies. 


Cherry Symth writing on my work suggests: “I’m reminded of Zaha Hadid’s attempts to collapse the distinctions of up and down, inside and out that she called “Planatary Architecture” Ord’s seductive conceptual headlands and refusal to special hierarchies could be dubbed “Planetary Abstraction”