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Joya: AiR / Orly Olivier / USA

"Waking up in the morning to light streaming through the window, the sound of buzzing bee’s, and the smell of the raw nature all around you is awe inspiring. My time here was intense, productive but also restful. The only distractions are the ones that you create. I was able to accomplish a great deal during my time at Joya AiR. 


Los Gázquez is dreamy space filled with light, unique collections of ephemera, art, textiles and ceramics and most of all collection wonderful artists. Our hosts Donna and Simon are helpful, generous and inspiring. I also loved their collection of fuzzy friends Fufu the goat, Max the dog and the 7 cats that I forced into being my friends. They have created a magical space for artists to come and focus on their work. 

My time here was spent cooking and writing for a cookbook project that I have been working on for a couple of years now. I found myself many eager taste testers and kitchen that inspired many new recipes. I managed to complete and almost print a rough draft of the book. I am deeply grateful for the time that I spent here and leave with a feeling of accomplishment. I hope to return again soon".

Joya: AiR / dance / Candice Salyers / USA

“On my first day at Joya: AiR I realized how much I have been needing the kind of time and spaciousness that unfolds here. I came for this residency to continue developing a site-adaptive solo dance that explores the exchange of light and darkness between human beings and our environment. Dancing on a seemingly endless dirt road surrounded by groves of almond trees and pines, diligent ants, and a quality of light unlike any other place I have been, I felt connected to an environment that has been alive for centuries longer than I have. This terrain allowed me to become more grounded as I asked myself, “what is ancient in you, and how is that present in this dance?”

For a few days I was also joined by dancer Louisa Rader as I continue to choreograph a solo for her to perform entitled, “a wait for what the stars will bring.” With an exquisite view of the night sky, Joya: was the perfect location to let the stars inspire our embodied considerations of destiny.

Many thanks to Simon, Donna, and all the residents at Joya for their generosity, thoughtfulness, care for the environment, and creativity.

Candice Salyers

” In the short time that I was at Joya, I felt that time and routine gave way to creativity. The atmosphere allows artists to take the time they need to work or reflect, with the freedom to talk to others or find solitude. While at Joya I regained a deep appreciation  for being surrounded by nature and all that it has to offer. Such a creative and inspirational atmosphere gave me an opportunity to completely immerse myself in my dancing and focus my energy”.

Louise Rader

Joya: AiR / Heather Ramsdale / Philadelphia USA

‘Work with less.

I came to Joya:AiR to work with less and explore the freedom one has in solitude, off the grid, in a studio filled with quiet. Leaving the shop, power tools and machines behind, my quest was toeliminate defaults, and see what happens, so I showed up with a large roll of paper. A studio window that revealed the severity of landscape in the middle of emptiness was the perfect visual dichotomy to propel ideas.

The mountains became fragile interior objects made of paper.

The fragile objects became heavy in gesture.

The heaviness imposed a curiousness about the forms.

The curiousness called for the addition of functional found things.

The addition of found functional things brought about the pulse of personas, both humorous and lonely.

Here I found the perfect balance of long productive days and great evening conversations. The food was local, fresh and beautifully prepared by Donna and Simon, and punctuated the very soul of the environment. I will leave Joya and return to my city with an awareness of how I live, what I really need both in the studio and otherwise, and with great insight as to what is most important’. 


Joya: AiR / writer in residence / Richard Sidy / Arizona USA

‘In the state of Arizona I am involved in non-profits in rural communities with the goals to enhance awareness and solutions for the challenges of local food security, sustainable communities, and environmental education. The main organization that I work with is Gardens for Humanity. This organization was founded by artists and poets who were moved to find solutions for creating and healing communities through education, art and gardens while teaching environmental stewardship.

For many years I have felt that we are not listening to Mother Earth. We usually talk about her from the viewpoints of science, religion, economy, environmentalism, politics. It has only been the artists, poets and naturalists who have given her voice vivid and compelling beauty, clarity and urgency.

Most of my time in Arizona is spent developing and supporting programs that impact the missions of the organization I work with. My writing is mostly non-fiction or essay. Writing poetry is a luxury for me. Therefore, I looked forward to my residency at Joya as an opportunity to focus on writing poetry that gives voice to the environment and projects a connection to place. I used my time to observe and write poetry that I call  as a whole, “The Earth Speaks to Us: Word Sketches -Discovering a Sense of Place.” To me it is important to listen to the stories that a place is telling us both from the viewpoint of nature and also from the viewpoint of those who live there.

Upon learning that I would be spending a two-week residency at Joya, I was inspired to start writing “The Earth Speaks to Us” to tell the story of where I live, that is rich in Native American culture, with influences of settlers and the Spanish conquistadores. Perhaps now I will continue that and join Andalusia and Arizona places that have many common elements.

A bonus for me was that in Joya, Simon and Donna have created a working sustainable artistic community that supports the arts and the art of living sustainably. So it was extra inspiring to actually see an example of these goals in action. This felt like a perfect fit to the areas of main focus of my life activities’.


Richard Sidy