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Joya: AiR / Marie Skeie / Norway

‘Coming from a snowstorm in the north of Norway to the dry and varm landscape around Joya: arte + ecología was a big contrast. The residency at Joya: became my home for one week. Long walks to get to know the area, learning a lot of new things from fellow residents, great dinners following interesting discussions and listening to presentations, filled the days at the residency. Simon and Donna are very present and give a good and open vibe to the residency. It’s a place to feel comfortable and at ease.

The residency gave me time to think and to develop projects. I loved having time to experiment with different ideas and research the area. I ended up making a proposal for a long-term project about the birds in the area in historical and present perspective.

Though the environment around the area is tough, being very dry,  Joya gives hope by acting through sustainable practice and research’.


Marie Skeie