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Joya: AiR / Doho Performing Arts Group / Iran

‘Doho Performing Arts Group are Sara Feli and Maedeh Shanehsaz. They came to Joya to develop a research based project called ‘The Roll of Affliction in Imagination’, a mythical mapping. The project is rooted in mythology and psychology, as well as the laws of physics.

The envisaged outputs for this project will be a series of performances, talks, lectures and a final article. Their residency with Joya: represents part of the research. The group felt in need of landscapes to develop the theoretical and practical parts of their project simultaneously. They came here to explore, to get to know and perform in different environments to develop the project before reaching a final outcome. The south of Spain was one of their envisaged landscapes from the inception of this idea. They came here to explore, communicate and share their work with other artists and perform a small sample’.

Doho Performing Arts Group

English text abridged by Joya: AiR