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Joya: AiR / dance / Candice Salyers / USA

“On my first day at Joya: AiR I realized how much I have been needing the kind of time and spaciousness that unfolds here. I came for this residency to continue developing a site-adaptive solo dance that explores the exchange of light and darkness between human beings and our environment. Dancing on a seemingly endless dirt road surrounded by groves of almond trees and pines, diligent ants, and a quality of light unlike any other place I have been, I felt connected to an environment that has been alive for centuries longer than I have. This terrain allowed me to become more grounded as I asked myself, “what is ancient in you, and how is that present in this dance?”

For a few days I was also joined by dancer Louisa Rader as I continue to choreograph a solo for her to perform entitled, “a wait for what the stars will bring.” With an exquisite view of the night sky, Joya: was the perfect location to let the stars inspire our embodied considerations of destiny.

Many thanks to Simon, Donna, and all the residents at Joya for their generosity, thoughtfulness, care for the environment, and creativity.

Candice Salyers

” In the short time that I was at Joya, I felt that time and routine gave way to creativity. The atmosphere allows artists to take the time they need to work or reflect, with the freedom to talk to others or find solitude. While at Joya I regained a deep appreciation  for being surrounded by nature and all that it has to offer. Such a creative and inspirational atmosphere gave me an opportunity to completely immerse myself in my dancing and focus my energy”.

Louise Rader