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Joya: AiR / Mia Van Veen Loeb / Norway

“Winter in the Spanish desert

Driving in from Alicante to Vélez Blanco, I noticed the landscape transitioning from green with hints of orange to an earthy, beige tone. The early spring has made its appearance in Spain this year, making the almond trees bloom with its light pink flowers. I continued on the crooked, hilly roads from the small village into Joya: AiR and met Simon and his dog Frida on the courtyard of the farm. A warm welcome into what was going to be a week of tranquillity, walks, food and lots of-well-JOY.

From the first morning walk, I felt the sculptural imagination getting so many nutrients, my notebook filled up quickly with new ideas. The cracked clay-grounds surrounding the residency property resembling previous works of mine-a landscape living in the dry and raw. Little purple flowers coming up from the cracks, reminding us of the life underneath the surface. Chopping away at almond and olive wood in my quiet studio, followed by beers in the sun with the sweet interns and eventually the other artists who arrived.

The group of artists were well curated, we found links and similar interests between us that lead to good conversations and understandings about the current state of our environment. Almost as if we were working together in a hyper realistic state, side by side- the others process influencing my own. The evenings were filled with warmth from the fire and incredible food made by Donna, good conversations followed by deep sleeps.

Creativeness entered from all angles at this residency, especially trough vivid dreams and the walks around the property. I would highly recommend this place for anyone seeking some creative time in a refreshing, warm and calm environment”.

Mia Van Veen Loeb