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Joya: AiR / Joseph De Lappe / USA

"My experience at Joya: AiR was rather incredible. I had come to this residency after several years of major life disruptions: the end of a 26-year marriage, moving from the Western US to Scotland for a new professorship at a university in Dundee. This was literally the first time I truly stopped moving in about three years time. I came to Joya to work in a new, yet old direction in my work. I was born colourblind, a red green deficiency. Last year I bought two pairs of Enchroma color blind correcting glasses, prescription, one set for indoor, one for outdoor. 

My goal at the residency was to paint. I’m a media artist and activist by trade, working in electronic disobedience if you will. In my undergraduate years in the early 80’s I was studying to be an illustrator. Painting was always a challenge for me as I could not properly work with colour, kind of like being a tone deaf musician if you think about it.

At Joya: AiR I found the time and place to dive back into painting – last time I tried such was 20+ years ago. It was an amazing experience – I have a new confidence in what I can see – working with colour now feels normal. Hard to describe but not having to ask for help with colour in this work allowed my hand to flow freely – very happy with the results. The environment at Joya: AiR was so conducive to this kind of focused, quiet work. I took daily walks in the desert, enjoying the colours, the space, the QUIET. Yes, it is so QUIET there…simply an amazing experience and allowed me to reengage with my creative practice after several years of personal life disruptions. I feel now renewed and ready to move forward on any number of creative fronts.

I hope I return to Joya: AiR someday and highly recommend the experience to anyone looking for a place of solitude and remove".

Joseph De Lappe

Note* Joya: AiR is intending to expand the posts relating to resident artists/writers in the future. It is not obligatory (for those considering applying) but a means to expand the conversation with residents who have experienced Joya: AiR. We ask, in addition to your post entry text, for 5 books and 10 pieces of music (which can be found on the Joya: AiR Spotify account).

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