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Joya: AiR / K.A. Bird / UK

"My art is a both response to and a product of the contemporary culture of image circulation.  Currently studying my MA in Fine Art I have been developing a process of mark-making using a browser-based CPPN and image editing software.  I then iterate the saved files in vinyl decal to create large wall installations, built up of sweeping computational strokes and gestures.  Creating the cut-outs I always consider the platform for the documentation, the work exists on the internet and in physical space but both are equal assertions of the art.  The work is relayed back and forth across on and offline spaces, becoming imbued with the residue of each new location which then informs and progresses the on-going project.

Staying at Joya allowed my project to explore new avenues of investigation - I wanted to integrate the drama of the landscape into my work, to create an installation that responded to the unique environment.  Being here has been invaluable to my practice and has provided me with time and space to focus on creating with a truly inspiration backdrop.  My days have been spent trekking up hillsides and down dry riverbeds in the hot sun, and the evenings have been spent sharing wine and fantastic conversation.  Whilst being here I have met amazing fellow artists from across the world, of which I have made some brilliant friendships.  I am so grateful to Simon and Donna for providing a platform for art and for welcoming me into their beautiful home.   It’s been an astonishing experience".


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