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Joya: AiR / writer / Amanthi Harris / UK

"I have spent one week on a JOYA Residency. It has been a time of quiet exploratory work, with the stark beautiful landscape surrounding the house a calming stilling presence.  

My week here has been a time of reflection and a time to return to drawing and painting, leaving aside my work of the previous months as I drew inspiration from the landscape and the wonderful contrast of vibrant fabrics and objects from India within the house. I have produced a series of drawings of masks and self-portraits exploring masking which I plan to exhibit next month.

The day at JOYA is calm and unhurried; your time is entirely your own to work, walk, sleep, eat and feel incredibly cared for in an atmosphere that is supportive and studious. Donna and Simon are the nicest hosts, as are their children. Even the pets are adorable! Donna and Simon are also amazing cooks – communal dinners were a perfect end to each day, while artists’ talks in the evenings were interesting and inspiring and a great insight into fellow residents’ work.

I very much hope to return to JOYA one day"!

Amanthi Harris


Favourite Reading:

At The Bay – Katherine Mansfield

Running in the Family – Michael Ondaatje

and our faces, my heart, brief as photos -  John Berger

Break of Day – Colette

Storytelling and the Art of the Imagination – Nancy Mellon