Joya: AiR / Marina Sader / Brazil

photo Simon Beckmann

photo Simon Beckmann


“In the middle of two mountains, there was a Brazilian cuttlefish learning how to fly between cacarecos and feelings, making paintings and animations.

Cacarecos are meaningless objects, silly objects.

The Brazilian cuttlefish is very attached to objects.

She is a fanatic collector of stories that the objects tell her.

She collects feelings and images through small things that she finds around her.

She is very visual, and express herself trough the clothes that she wears, paintings that she creates, and landscapes that she observes and record.

But nothing of this really matters to anyone else but her.

She paint her favourite objects because they tell her stories that cuddle her heart, but actually they are only a representation that she created to the loves that passed through her life.

Sometimes she is the object, many times she is an object.

She is addicted to loving things, and constantly moving, the result of this is a constant feeling of longing, melancholy and nostalgia, and this is saudades.

The Brazilian cuttlefish is obsessed with visual representations of saudades”.

Marina Sader .

Simon Beckmann