Joya: AiR / Michalina Klasik / Poland

photo simon beckmann

photo simon beckmann


“I came here to complete and sum up a project I’ve started few months ago.  It consists of a series of objects, drawings, non-invasive actions in space, which create a personal story about fear of destructive human activity towards nature. They oppose the anthropocentric concept of the world and try to talk about the Earth as the only proper “religion”. Talk about the search for balance and spirituality in contact with nature. About the burden of knowledge, the sense of helplessness, attempts to do “good” and the failures associated with it.

At Joya: AiR, I had the opportunity to rethink the whole project and discuss it with others.

Staying here is an experience that can not be fully expressed in words. There is real silence and space here. All this allows to communicate with yourself, to hear what you really want to say. But there are also moments when you can confront your reflections with people with similar sensitivity, knowledge about ecology and attempts to live in a way appropriate to this knowledge. One speaks and listens. I have experienced so intensely the possibility of hearing myself and others here. And what I have heard, confirms my conviction, that for me the most important thing now is to get involved in art, which asks:

Who am I as a human being?

The stay in this place allowed me to gather strength to ask this question loudly and confidently".


Donna and Simon - thank you”.


Michalina W. Klasik

Simon Beckmann