Joya: AiR / Anna Kushnerova / Russia


"Sitting at the bottom of a dried up creek for a few days makes the time slower, then you start to listen and hear.. the cracking of the earth, the crumbling of the dust.. water content transpiring from the pores of the rock..

At first all nature seems to screech from thirst but once a few dusks have crawled through my hyletic sensing and the inner content starts to thin out, calmness sets in, it feels like if you had a chewing gum you could rub it in into the scorched air and keep rolling it into a ball of birth that would turn wet like birth is;

so it starts not to matter if its dry or humid, water or dust (exteroception merges with interoception in intersensory unity) its calm and self-initiating, pre-intentional.

Only occasional flies stand out from the homogenous protentional horizon...

Where are the other living sensory amplifiers of the ecosystem? No creatures around.. have they been choked by the chemical vapours and rendered themselves to dust, sprinkling the creek bed under the Shadow of the Kingdom of Almond?

Do almonds cross pollinate (i wonder)? We probably did - living together in concreted cells, drinking the nectars of the wine under the stars, chewing on the tomato tart".

Anna Kushnerova

Anna Kushnerova of Siberian roots, Belgian artist, currently living and working in NSW, Australia.  Her work extends to mediums of sculpture, video and performance. She began her practice as an artist at the Fine Arts Academy in Antwerp, Belgium in 2007. In 2009, Anna founded a non-for-profit platform RA in Antwerp (Belgium) and Paris (France) to support emerging talent in multiple disciplines: art, performance, design. Since 2013, she has concentrated on her own body of work, drawing inspiration from natural and indigenous environments, science and mysticism. Anna produced, directed and curated numerous art exhibitions and performances, including a performance at Art Basel.

Simon Beckmann