Joya: AiR / Chloe Belcher / England


"The residency here at Joya: AiR has allowed me some precious reflection time, a chance to explore a new landscape and meet other artists from around the world. I needed to spend some time researching further opportunities for personal progression, applying for more residencies and exhibitions, and looking into ways of gaining funding for my artistic practice.

I have been able to gain valuable feedback from others when I presented my work, allowing me to channel into some ideas that I may not of thought had much value before. I have developed these ideas while here and planned how to transfer the ideas into my studio space at home.

This experience has been my first residency since graduating last year, and it has been a really useful platform to learn how they work. The residency at Joya: AiR is very self-led which has been beneficial to me, having a  studio space, to share ideas and talk to others, is what I found most important in my studies and I have really enjoyed being able to do that again here".

Chloe Belcher


Simon Beckmann