Joya: AiR / Aki Hoshihara / Japan


"Joya: AiR brought me a great sense of appreciation to express artistic message in a pure and centred way. Being in the nature of Los Gázquez made me think of how artists can connect with our own inner wisdoms to bring the best for the next generations. It was a great connecting point with artists from different disciplines to share ideas and inspire each other in order to expand our views through art. Many thanks to Simon and Donna for letting us explore our potentials and providing us such an amazing experience"! 

Aki Hoshihara

Aki Hoshihara is a Japan born, Los Angeles based artist with a background in traditional Japanese calligraphy. Her work is best known for the fusion of black sumi-ink and bright chromatic palette of watercolours and other mixed media. The fluid and sensual brushstrokes – inspired by the beauty and the energy flow of humans and nature - take us to a moment of contemplation and harmony.



Simon Beckmann