Joya: AiR / Laura Snyder / USA


"In the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada, 

In the dream state, my mind makes new connections. 

The desert is in bloom. Gold light alternates with dark rain clouds and the white clay earth jumps up to meet me. Rosemary, poppies, milk thistle, thyme, agave, pine, olive, almond, sawgrass, rocks, quartz, bees! 

I find time and space to remember, to imagine, and to lie on the earth.

I go out, walking.

I go in, drawing.

I observe with great attention and watch as worlds open up under my feet". 




Thank you Simon and Donna for sharing the world you have created and cultivated. 

Laura Snyder



Walkscapes: Walking as an Esthetic Practice by Francesco Careri

The Blue of Distance by Rebecca Solnit

The Wild Iris by Louise Glück

Simon Beckmann