Joya: AiR / Oliver Le Gresley / UK (Jersey)


"I walked along white clay tracks, up Aleppo pine covered limestone mountains, through fluvial systems littered with fossils. I crushed thyme between my fingers, passed almond trees; last of the blossom falling, I observed insect life, spotted a hare, lizards, an Ibex, game birds gave flight and others their song, and then, in silence, I departed imbued.

I was able to observe and consider the landscape, its flora and fauna, and begin new work that seeks to address, in part, how and what we take from the land and how the landscape informs what we make to meet our physical needs". 


Oliver Le Gresley


Book list

The Emigrants - W.G. Sebald

Arabian Sands - Wilfred Thesiger

Mr Paloma - Italo Calvino

The Glass Bead Game - Hermann Hesse 

Ecclesiastes - Solomon, son of David

Simon Beckmann