Joya: AiR / Athena Poilane / France


"My work is inspired by nature’s patterns and formations, and by the way time transforms them. I’m also fascinated with native handicrafts and the use of natural elements to create tools and artefacts. Joya: AiR has been the perfect place to immerse in an inspiring environment.

Coming to the residency has been an incredible adventure, both artistically and humanly. Donna and Simon have created such a special place for their residents, their beautiful and             respectful sense for their environment has been a true gift to experience. 

Meeting them and the other artists in residency has opened my eyes on the importance of surrounding oneself with people that inspire you, care and share a similar mindset. Being     surrounded with the landscapes natural beauty, and having the possibility to work outside with the elements has been liberating and inspiring.

I am thankful to Simon and Donna for their generosity and for having created this wonderful residency, it has been one of the most unique and joyful experiences of my life".

Athena Poilane