Joya: AiR / Jasmine Bradbury / UK


"Joya: AiR has given me more than I ever expected.

Being my first artist residency I had no idea what to expect and what would evolve within my art practice and myself. It has been a life changer.

I have endured a journey that has allowed me to explore deep parts of myself I never knew existed. I began my two weeks with a state of urgency to create sculpture as I find it hard to find the time and space within myself to create back in the UK. I quickly realised this trip was going to be much bigger than that. I found myself immersed within a beautiful arrangement, surrounded by creative and interesting people, within a mesmerising setting being the beautiful home to Simon, Donna and their two children.

My time here has reminded me what my art practice is all about and how important it is for my hands to take lead when creating my work. I found myself making clay from the ploughed fields and collecting material from the area – allowing myself to let go, play and trust my instinct with no plan what so ever. I think more importantly I have faced areas of myself head on and I am leaving with a great deal of confidence and excitement for the future.

The people that I spent my two weeks with have filled me with hope and I am elated that I have found some life-long friends. The variety of people and the variety of artistic discipline brought conversation to light, which was so important to my time here.

I can’t thank Simon and Donna enough for allowing me to have this opportunity and I hope to be back in the future".


Jasmine Bradbury