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Reading and Reflecting


"Currently studying in third year BA Fine Art Mixed Media at the University of Westminster, practice is at present centred around robotics and making machines out of found objects and incorporating casting through exploring the fragility of materials such as plaster and porcelain. These explorations of materials links to a sense of the fallible and humorous aspects within human failures. Whilst at Joya: AiR I have been casting components of the landscape through making moulds and then creating plaster casts from them, which are painted using fine particles of rock to make pigments from the landscape.

Joya: AiR can be found tucked away in the Parque Natural Sierra de María-Los Vélez, having the opportunity to come here has allowed me to step away from hectic London, as a means of allowing time to reflect on how my practice has been developing over the time I have been at University and has encouraged the use of materials that I wouldn’t necessarily use, as a means of detaching from comfort zones and moving away from preconceived ideas. Which in turn has allowed thoughts to form as to what to exhibit for degree show in May 2018.

Joya: AiR has allowed the opportunity to be independent in the day and then in the evening we all meet together for dinner, sharing laughs, life and creative insights. Joya: AiR has been my first residency and it has been really insightful with regards to discussing with creative minds from cross cultures and disciplines, ranging from poets to musicians and artists". 


Helen Farley


Hyperdrawing Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art

The Nakano Thrift Shop - Hiromi Kawakami

An Artist of the Floating World - Kazuo Ishiguro

An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth - Chris Hadfield 

Erwin Wurm - Erwin Wurm

John Wood and Paul Harrison with essays by Charles Esche and David Batchelor