Joya: AiR / Pablo Gonzalez Trejo / Cuba


“Joya: AiR is a great place to be for an artist. In my opinion a high quality art retreat to contemplate and reflect on the approach to Art flow and Art production. I feel now and in retrospect that this place is an integral part of my career as it allowed me to isolate and imagine life and art. I highly recommend this experience to any artist.

Going to Joya: AiR for me was a revelation. I first tried to feel the place by just contemplating it and then the landscape removed the cerebral assumptions of “what you think you know” and it just made me respond or react honestly while making art. I feel I have developed authentic artwork in Joya: AiR thanks to the nature surrounding the place and the input and energy of the hosts. The place in itself and the relations developed during this art in nature residency are an important encouragement for creativity and for embarking on a new art research territory.

Joya: AiR is a great arts-led research residence and I will go again if I ever get the opportunity. The hosts Donna and Simon are smart, kind and great people to share life experiences with. The evening dinners are the best to discuss interesting subjects and taste delightful meals.

If you need to research the connection between art and nature and you need spiritual retreat to create personal and true art, then go to Joya: AiR”.

Rachel Arena