Joya: AiR / Julie Cosgrove / Canada


“My painting process typically involves the use of fluid acrylics and water, and being at Joya: AiR encouraged me to consider how my work is directly and physically connected to place. I currently live and work in Northern Ontario, Canada, on the shores of the planet’s largest body of water, a landscape that is surrounded by wilderness and where water is often taken for granted. I have allowed this precious resource to become integral, using it freely in my practice.

In contrast, Joya: AiR at Los Gázquez exists in one of the sunniest and driest landscapes in Europe where water conservation is at the heart of life. Trekking in the landscape during my time there, I collected objects and traced the data of my travelled routes. The objects and routes also reveal a history of the land; from the species of trees and plants that survive in the arid environment, to the debris new and old, and pathways used by its inhabitants.

I welcomed the change in scenery and pace, and appreciated the simplicity of daily activities that included listening to the sound of wind and insects. I watched as the light shifted dramatically throughout the day, casting increasingly dramatic shadows. I found myself making images of these observations and objects as a way to record this place at this moment in time – a time that is in transformation with the effects of climate change. These images are reserved, small, and were created with the least amount of water possible.

I feel fortunate to have experienced Joya: arte + ecología and Los Gázquez as an artist in residence, and am certain that the influence of the people and the place will resurface in my work”.

Julie Cosgrove

Rachel Arena