Joya: AiR / Fiona Struengmann / Germany


It is impossible to not be inspired by the surroundings / people / vegetation / mountains and the living world around Los Gázquez (home of Joya: AiR). I tried to breathe it all in and create a body of work that speaks with the encircling landscape. A conversation of our interrelation with the natural world recorded in photographs and interpreted drawings.

I was amazed by the dry fluvial systems (barrancos) which can be walked for miles. During storms rocks are washed from the walls and you can see and feel the energy of the flood water as it courses down the mountain to the sea. Its energy leaves unbelievable impressions on the earth, mixed with treasures like fossils and other hidden histories which are revealed once again. A magical residency throughout.


Fiona Struengmann

Rachel Arena