Joya: AiR / Taïs Bean / France


"It's my second residency at Joya and hopefully not my last. 

Joya offers a unique and generous sense of home, whilst we’re being held in the stunning and vast Natural Park surrounding us. Donna and Simon's knowledge of the land and grounded hard work sets the tone for contemplative and productive explorations.

My time here has surprised me with unexpected realisations about my work and has revived me with new important questions that I feel enthusiastic to investigate. It’s been interesting to note that each time I’ve come here, my research has been gently taken to places I hadn’t even begin to think of. Having the chance to focus in such silence whilst enjoying the company of a diversity of other artists and writers is highly nourishing. 

Even when inspiration ran dry, I have never stopped being overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this region, and in times of frustrating artistic blocks, the lack of superfluous distractions has pushed me to face my practice in ways I couldn't have otherwise. The space for research and reflexion given at Joya is very precious, and it’s incredibly valuable to remember how much can happen to a practice when we’re not "producing" something. 

Thank you to everybody and the Sierra Maria".

Simon Beckmann