Joya: AiR / K Goldstein / France


"What an amazing Adventure I’ve lived in Joya !

It is like an Oasis of creation and for me the entire area was a giant playground of landscapes, colours, scents, highs and inspirations.

The nature, day after day, takes more and more space in your vision, your thoughts, your dreams. 

It feels so good to be alone in a wild forest or desert, trying to create and taking time for it.

I always feel more powerful when i don’t suffer from the lack of time, when time will just adapt to my speed and way of work.  And, in Joya, it was actually the case. 

I only stayed a week and that’s my only regret because it was beginning to really feel like home.

In fact the house is so warm and wonderfully decorated with so much taste that you only can feel at ease there. Art is everywhere and it gives you energy, ideas and inspiration to keep working.

One other wonderful side of Joya is the hosts Donna and Simon who are a real delight to meet and speak with. Donna is making your dinner look like heaven on a plate and Simon gave me the best tips to find some gorgeous place for my work. 

It is also very interesting and inspiring how they could find way to live in the middle of this desert and develop great ideas and actions about ecology and preservation.

I try to use this time to find some new dances protocoles and develop a new aspect of video aesthetics for those Dancescapes in Andalusia. Those big landscapes questioned me a lot about the small, and the little you can do in such a big place.

At last, one other charming side of this residency are other residents who were really nice, great and interesting. We all came from differents places of the planet and with different practices and how rich and rejuvenating to discover others visions of Art.

Joya just opened a space in my mind where i know i can come back with joy, comfort and smile".

K Goldstein

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portrait by Solomon Beckmann

Simon Beckmann