Joya: AiR / Zishi Han / Beijing, China


‘Wheeling and diving like a dark cloud looming down, a flock of vultures feasted on the flesh of a dying goat. Within minutes, only bones were left. It’s hard not to be in awe of nature when you reside encircled by its raw power.

Los Gázquez (home of Joya: AiR) is such a place that cracks open my cocoon that was constructed in a hectic city life. Sunshine or mud water, they penetrate through my unconscious. I’m pushed out of my comfort zone here to explore new media, new processes and new materials. It has been an extremely productive two weeks, and the insightful conversations within the intimate group of artists have been fostering exciting ideas for me to investigate in the future.

Simon and Donna put such efforts into this extremely consuming project. They offer us the warmest hospitality and the best dinner. It’s been a delightful and stimulating experience’.

Zishi Han