Joya: AiR / Anna Macleod / Ireland


Anna Macleod is an October artist in residence and collaborator with Joya: arte + ecología.

Anna is a visual artist and independent researcher based in rural Northwest Ireland. She is a former lecturer in Fine Art Media and Programme Chair of the Fine Art Programme at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

‘My work uses quasi-scientific methods, trans-disciplinary collaboration, performance and activism to critique contemporary landscapes and re-vision the future. I am interested in the potential of art to bring about social and environmental change.

Recent projects have focused on the socio-political and cultural issues surrounding water, looking at local and global questions of access, management, control and consumption of this finite substance.

Following a month research period at Joya: arte + ecología last year I am experimenting with sculptural water catchment forms to capture dew and rain fall. In this arid climate with unpredictable rain patterns and seasonal dew fall, it is hoped that the sculptures will multifunction by harvesting dew and channelling rainfall to help irrigate the terraced forest gardens facing northeast.’

Careful monitoring of the system will, over the period of a year, give some data as to the effectiveness of the sculptures in both gathering atmospheric vapour and channelling rainfall to the terrace / swale system under construction at Cortijada Los Gázquez the home of Joya: arte + ecología.

We will be updating progress of Anna’s residency and progress over the coming month.